CHR offers the latest in MRI Shielding with its cutting edge RF enclosure doors. Our patented RF shielded doors are the only double swinging doors on the market. They have the ability to swing both into the scan room and out into the tech control area. This dual capability provides extra safety helping to prevent anyone being stuck in the room in the case of a cryogen leak. It also adds additional functionality to the room, giving the tech and patient flexibility to swing the door in either direction. Our MRI doors use the latest gasket technology and do not use the old “finger” style enclosures which result in a poor seal. A CHR MRI room design meets all the vendor’s specifications and data sheets.

Our shielding can accommodate any vendor’s equipment (GE Healthcare, Phillips, Siemens, Toshiba) and is flexible to almost any environment. CHR can do a full evaluation of your shielding needs to determine if you may need to add magnetic shielding to protect against the MRI’s gauss fields. We specialize in providing low cost magnetic shielding and quick installations.

Our products include:

Get a quote from us today and don’t fall into the trap of wasting money on shielding companies that produce inferior products or wasting money on features that add no real value from a patient or tech perspective. Our full spectrum of services and products save you from dealing with multiple contractors. We can provide medical grade construction, installations, RF shielding, and any type of medical equipment room relocations.

We conduct On-Site Assessment and Provide Free Estimate

What People Are Saying

"They have always come in on budget and usually before scheduled date.....(the project manager) did an excellent job of keeping me informed of status and was a real pleasure to work with. Even when unexpected issues pop up, they adjust and do the right thing. I would definitely recommend them. "


--Linda McIntire
   Director of Imaging Services,
   Valley Baptist Health System

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